Turnip greens leaves

Turnip greens leaves

The leaves are layered to preserve all of their consistency and properties without any stress. Our frozen turnip greens leaves are easy to divide into portions and have a wealth of unmistakable flavour to suit any dish, whether pasta or served as a side.


Saucepan: Pour the required amount of product into boiling salted water and cook for around 10 minutes after the water recommences boiling or in any case, until cooked to taste. Drain and season as required.


Product Description


Avegare values per 100 gr per portion (120g)
Energy 30 kcal – 125 kJ 36 kcal – 150 kJ
Protein 2,4 g 2,9 g
of wich sugars
4,2 g
0,7 g
5,0 g
0,8 g
of which saturated fats
0,3 g
0,0 g
0,4 g
0,0 g
Fibre 3,0 g 3,6 g
Sodium 0,00 g 0,00 g

Package 300 g – Packages per box 12 – EAN Code 8034105511118