Frozen foods, with that freshly picked taste

“I Freschi di Campo” are frozen fresh vegetables from the Marche region of Italy, produced by O.R.T.O. Verde, a wealth of tradition and goodness cultivated from the field to the freezer and to your table.

The whole “I Freschi di Campo” line includes natural produce strictly grown in the Marche region, naturally and healthily, according to the seasons and by rationally applying growing techniques and plant health measures. In this way, our agricultural products are eco compatible, take care of hydrogeological resources and respect consumer health. Our BIO products are a line created in line with a philosophy that is already naturally a part of the way in which we work and see the land. Our frozen organic vegetables are in fact grown using the very latest modern techniques and organic farming methods.

Our Organic Products

I Freschi di Campo now have an organic line, BIO vegetables. Respect for the balance of the environment, for biodiversity and attention to the natural way of doing things have ensured that O.R.T.O. Verde, the company behind the brand and also leading producer on the Italian organic food market, has obtained all authorisation required to process frozen vegetables using organic methods (Reg. EC 834/07 and Reg. EC 889/08).

Our BIO products are grown using only organic substances, with no use of chemical pesticides and only using natural and mineral products to combat pests. In line with the latest regulations and following agricultural principles, we rotate our crops to allow the soil to maintain its fertility and immunity to pathogens.

Our Preservatives?

Cold is the very best natural preservative. The time between harvesting and freezing produce is as low as possible. This means we can preserve the nutritional and organoleptic properties of our vegetables and, at the same time, keep all of their taste and physical characteristics intact.