From sowing to harvesting
and from the freezer to your table


Producing quality frozen vegetables means paying careful attention to every stage of the supply line and production: from sowing to retail, via processing, freezing and packaging.

“I Freschi di Campo” is a range of fresh vegetables, frozen and Made in the Marche with painstaking care and attention during every stage of production.

Crops are harvested at the perfect time of the year, according to the season best suited to the product.

Growing processes follow the exact procedures approved by member growers and regional standards, with important aims, such as the reduction of plant protection chemicals, regulation of the use of fertilizers, rational choice of production and attention to saving energy.

The products, which are strictly controlled by agronomists with over thirty years of experience, are harvested when perfectly ripe.

The freezing process takes place within three hours of harvesting, thanks to the close proximity of crops to the two main cold processing plants.

Quick freezing makes it possible to preserve all of the nutritional properties of the product and to give the vegetables the unmistakable balance of flavour, wholesomeness and freshness.

Once packaged, the produce is perfectly trackable and traceable thanks to a computer system that certifies its transparency and safety.

The exemplary nature of the products is also certified by the British Retail Consortium and the organization “Suolo e Salute”, which controls each stage in the supply line.